Cloud-Based Animation Platform Artella Launches Worldwide

Here’s a brief overview of how it works: [embedded content] Artella doesn’t just provide a platform for distributed prouductions, it also helps connects creative people. If a filmmaker needs a rigger, or animator, or concept artist, or composer, they can look through the community and reach out to other

Playing to Win

Ratchet Clank Rainmaker and Blockade hope animation smarts turn the PlayStation game series into a hit movie. Adapting any popular franchise into a movie is a tricky task, given how attached fans become to their favorite franchises, says Kevin Munroe, director of the feature film version of the hit

Smooth Animation for Characters

Hi everyone, I am an amateur developer as well as designer and I really love to play board games before. Now I am trying to create a game similar to snake and ladders or game of dice for mobile device. I am really having hard time to know if

Exposing the best in digital animation

News Release   11 May 2016 Graduating students from the University of Hertfordshire’s Digital Animation Programme are hosting their prestigious animation film showcase, Animation Exposé, on 25 May 2016 at the University’s de Havilland campus. This world-famous Exposé festival and exhibition, now in its 13 th year, is streamed live

Audiomotion Studios deliver high impact in-game animation

RELEASE DATE: 18th May 2016 UK based performance capture studio Audiomotion partnered with renowned Finnish video game developer, Remedy Entertainment to create large scale in-game stunt sequences and player moves for this year’s blockbuster video game release, Quantum Break. Published by Microsoft Studios, Quantum Break is a cinematic, 3 rd person

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