Understanding Your Child Gaming Habit

Understanding Your Child’s Gaming Habit The influence video games have over children has been a hot topic for quite a while. The question has been raised of whether or not playing video games can transform an innocent child into a heartless murderer. Though in all reality, the answer is

Top 5 Games That Get Us Hyped

Five Games that Will Get you Hooked Playing a game is simple but a game making you to play it over and over again is another thing. Few can get you the urge of wanting to play it over and over again. It is the excitement that you get

How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry

The dream job of many is to work in the video game industry. It allows for creativity, technical skills, and pays well. This makes it a highly competitive field, where there are more game designers than there are jobs. In order to live the job of your dreams, you

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