Lego Dimensions: Midway Arcade Level Pack Review: Old-School

The ’80s were a blast. Arcades were still prominent in the United States, often times the first place to play games before they hit the still developing console market. More often than not, the games were better in the arcade, forcing many gamers to shell out hundreds of quarters just for a chance to put your name on the high score board.

Lego Dimensions: Midway Arcade Level Pack Review: Old-School

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With a slew of games at its disposal and some of the most charming and difficult Lego gameplay puzzles to date, the Midway Arcade level pack for Lego Dimensions is a reminder of how classic games- and multi-colored building bricks are timeless.

Throwing 20 Midway classics in one place has been done to death in the past, but Lego Dimensions‘ Midway Arcade level changes things up by introducing an awesome new character and throwing some unique puzzles the gamers way, all the while incorporating classic games.

From the opening video to the stories behind the games, this add-on is drenched in nostalgia. Even your new characters powers embody all the cool parts of ’80s games from invisibility, super speed and of course, invincibility. Older gamers will enjoy the brainy puzzles featuring iconic characters while younger ones will be in shock of what massive hits games the likes of Spy Hunter and Defender were in spite of their simple visuals and often times staggering difficulty. Add in a few fun builds in the form of the Defender arcade cabinet and Spy Hunter car and you have one of the best Lego Dimensions level packs yet.


20 Retro Games: Between Defender and Toobin’ alone there’s plenty of gameplay diversity. Add in a fun mix of shooters and racing games and it’s easy to see there’s something for everyone.

Awesome New Mini-Figure: With his super soft drink in one hand and nickel in the other, our little gaming dude is a blast to play with, even if cycling through his powers is a pain at times.

Fun Main Gameplay: It’s a tough adventure filled with interesting puzzles and plenty of side notes, thanks to all the retro game goodness.


Some Games Have Aged Awfully: You can and will get frustrated playing some of these games, especially considering that you have to get a high score in many of them to move on to the next stage.

Final Thoughts:

In the current Add-On craziness of today’s gaming landscape, the Midway Arcade level for Lego Dimensions gives the gamer plenty of cool things to see and do. Add in a few fun builds in the Defender cabinet and Spy Hunter car and it’s ultimately a nostalgia-filled fun fest.

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