'Overwatch' Survival Guide: 3 Useful Tips To Help You Master This Awesome Game [VIDEO]

With ‘Overwatch’ launching on Wednesday, here are some useful tips and tricks to aid you in mastering this modern masterpiece.


With “Overwatch” launching on Wednesday, here are some useful tips and tricks to aid you in mastering this modern masterpiece. (Photo : YouTube/PlayOverwatch)

You’ve got to hand it to Blizzard; though the developer does not release titles as often as its competitors, most of its entries to the gaming genres have achieved cult status in the long run. On Wednesday, Blizzard’s latest creation, Overwatch, went live, and from the initial reactions of the gaming community, it seems like a game that would most certainly end up as an instant classic.

With beautiful set pieces, innovative and easy to understand gameplay and 21 characters available at players’ disposal, Overwatch is quickly shaping up to be one of the year’s best games. With the game’s servers going live and with the world beginning to dip its toes on the game, here are some useful tips to make you one of the most effective Overwatch right now.

Skip the Tutorial, But Master Character Classes

The game begins with a tutorial, and though the session does include some useful information, some of the tips given in the tutorial are true only for the character in play. Thus, it is better to simply familiarize yourself with the game’s four character classes, Assault, Defense, Tank and Support.

Here’s an easy way to remember what the classes are like. Assault players are high-mobility, high-attack, low-defense characters. Defense characters are great at staying in one place and keeping it safe. Tanks are high-attack, high-defense, low-mobility characters. Lastly, Support characters are healers.

Versatility Rules

When playing the game, you will probably get attached to one of the heroes (don’t worry, we all do it). However, there would be situations that are nigh-impossible to conquer without using a specific set of heroes. Thus, learn each of the heroes’ attributes, and know which situations each hero is most effective in.

When playing rounds against opponents, shift your characters around depending on the situation at hand. You’d be surprised how much easier it will be to win matches when using the right characters for the right challenges.

Use Ultimates Freely

One of Overwatch‘s most notable feature is the heroes’ Ultimate attacks, which are capable of dishing out massive damage to multiple enemies at once. However, keep in mind that Overwatch matches are mostly fast-paced. Thus, when your Ultimate meter gets full, go ahead and use it. Gamers who are stingy with their Ultimates usually end matches without even using the ability once.

Also, since each character has an Ultimate attack, pay very close attention to your opponents. It is important to note that Ultimate attacks are always accompanied by an audio cue, usually in the form of, unsurprisingly, a character yelling out the attack. Thus, when you hear a character prepping up for an Ultimate attack, do yourself a favor and get out of the area as fast as you can.

With these tips in mind, you might very well lead your Overwatch team to victory more often than usual. Stay tuned for more tips! 

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