'Star Wars' game's downloadable content is fun, leaves players excited for more


“Outer Rim” is the first downloadable content (DLC) available for “Star Wars: Battlefront.” The expansion pack features strange, but fun characters and new planets. (Photo courtesy of MCT CAMPUS)

Within today’s overcrowded market of first-person shooters, very few games are able to provide online multiplayer action that match the excitement of “Star Wars: Battlefront.” In many ways the game’s developer, DICE, provides the most authentic experience of the massive battles that are expected from the “Star Wars” universe.

This week, the game’s first downloadable content, “Outer Rim,” was made available to the public after a two-week period of exclusive play for season pass owners. However, despite the frustrating period that many players spent waiting, the new content offered within this expansion pack is sure to delight fans with enough unique experiences to revitalize interest in the sci-fi shooter.

As expected, the central features of this expansion are the four new maps that transport players to two new facilities on the volcanic planet Sullust, as well as two more locations inside the palace of Jabba the Hutt. Even though both Tatooine and Sullust are planets that players have visited within the regular game, the new maps offer a fresh twist to gameplay with plenty of cramped corridors that open into tense medium-range engagements.

Additionally, each of these medium-sized maps work well alongside the new game mode, “Extraction.” Within this mode, members of the Rebel team guard an automated shipment of cargo as it travels through the map toward its extraction location. At the same time, Imperial soldiers fight to stop the cargo from being delivered to the Rebel spaceship.

Unfortunately, this mode does not feel entirely new, as it plays like a mix of previous game types. Specifically, it echoes Walker Assault’s moving objectives and Supremacy’s frenzied action. However, it still offers a welcomed change of pace that breathes new life into the game’s action.

Another new feature is the addition of Hutt Contracts. Accessing this option in the loadout tab will bring players to a menu of brand-new weapons complete with a face-to-face interaction with the slug-shaped mob boss Jabba the Hutt, known infamously for his appearance in “Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.” This menu allows players to purchase challenges for in-game credits from Jabba that upon completion unlock new weapons that can be used in multiplayer matches.

Additionally, three new Star Cards are available to unlock through these challenges. One card is the Scattershot, that allows players to wield a double-barreled laser shotgun that can penetrate personal shields and do massive damage at close range. Another is the Dioxis Grenade, a poison grenade that damages enemies in its immediate vicinity. Finally, the last new Star Card is the Adrenaline Stim, that regenerates a player’s health upon activation, making it a must have for players that frequently rush into action.

The final addition that “Outer Rim” offers to players is the inclusion of Greedo and Nien Nunb as two new playable hero characters. Greedo is a formidable force with his confidence meter that increases the strength of his precision shot and grenades upon each kill. Nien Nunb also holds his own with his surprisingly stacked set of skills that include an automated turret, a Rapid Pulse Cannon (long-ranged rifle) and the ability to summon Orbit Strikes that decimate an area of the battlefield.

Even though these characters are incredibly fun to play, they are both a strange choice considering the many other iconic characters within the “Star Wars” universe. In fact, Nien Nunb seems particularly out of place as more prominent characters like Ben Kenobi and Chewbacca have yet to be included into the game. However, considering that DICE has scheduled three additional expansion packs, the chance that these characters will make an appearance is high.

“Star Wars: Battlefront’s” first expansion, “Outer Rim,” is a step in the right direction in many ways. The highly anticipated new content does not disappoint and revitalizes the sense of excitement that was present at the game’s initial release. Moreover, the numerous new weapons, maps, abilities and heroes all provide a fresh experience that is more than enough to pull players back into the iconic struggle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.

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