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Games Inbox: Have you played the Street Fighter V beta?Street Fighter V – what do you think of the new characters?

The morning Inbox looks for some Halloween gaming tips, as one reader questions exactly how good Assassin’s Creed II is.

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Beat that

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the Street Fighter V beta over this past weekend. After the debacle of the last one I didn’t have high hopes but it worked from the outset, I got kicked just once in several hours of play.

The graphics and gameplay are awesome. I have been humming the title screen music all weekend. Not sure what Capcom are thinking about with the ladies though, as some would not look out of place in Dead Or Alive.

Over the course of the weekend more characters were added and by Sunday afternoon there was twelve to choose from, both old and new. Nash seemed to be the character of choice for experts but I very much enjoyed Rashid, he felt well rounded to me when fighting at range or in close.

I love a beat ’em-up but I will be the first to admit I am rubbish at them. As a result I was victorious a handful of times out of a sack full of games.

One thing I didn’t like was losing points when you lost. Being a poor player meant just a few points for me where hard-earned but they were soon wiped out after I lost the next few matches in a row. I understand why the system exists, otherwise someone who wins 10 out 100 matches would have more points than someone who wins 9 out of 10, but it left me rather deflated when I ended the beta with no points to my name.

The beta has certainly whetted my appetite for the main game. The promise of just one version with DLC that can be earned with in-game currency gives me high hopes of another perfect 10 from you guys.
ThePowerFeeling (PSN ID)
PS: A couple of game concerts are coming up a Zelda one and a Silent Hill one.

Sound of horror

As it’s the run up to Halloween I wondered if you might be able to help a friend of mine. She’s studying game soundtracks as part of her degree and, in particular, horror games. Not being a big fan of the genre myself I wondered if you and the other readers out there had any good suggestions.

She’s already familiar with the Silent Hill series of games, as well as the obvious Resident Evil, but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. They’re to act as inspiration for her writing her own and the more suggestions the merrier (well, not merrier but you know what I mean!)
Carrigagulla (PSN ID)

GC: We’re sure readers can make some suggestions but for us Alien Isolation has some of the best sound design of any recent game, although there’s very little traditional music.

Wii scare

What a shame that the new Project Zero doesn’t appear to be as good as anticipated. I’ll still download the free-to-start version but don’t expect to be parting with £35 for the full game following your review.

This has left me with a horror itch to be scratched. My only console is the Wii U and I’ve already played through ZombiU, Resident Evil: Revelations, and the excellent Lone Survivor from the eShop, so looks like I’ll have to dip into the Wii back catalogue. Any suggestions? I vaguely remember one of the Wii Silent Hill games being well received?

On a side note the Wii U really is on a bad run of recent third party exclusives. Project Zero can go on the pile with Devil’s Third Sonic Boom. Are there any more in the release schedule before the NX takes over?
i.e.mcr (NN ID)

GC: Technically Project Zero is first party, it’s published by Nintendo and they helped with some of the development. The only major third party release we can think of, that’s not a toys-to-life game, is Bandai Namco’s Lost Reavers (née Project Treasure). Anyway, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories isn’t perfect but it’s worth your time. As in fact is Project Zero II. There’s also a number of older Resident Evil titles and Dead Space: Extraction was pretty good, but it’s a lightgun game.

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The same old cycle

Why is it that when I hear Sega say that the next Sonic will be better I exhibit the exact same cynicism I develop whenever I hear a politician say they are going to improve services but also cut costs?

It is as if I have heard the exact same promise (and then seen it broken) so many times that even if this time it turned out to be true I still would not believe it.

GC: It’s such a common problem it has its own name:


Just improvise

I’m sure others are afflicted with the ‘must not be seen’ plague when playing stealth games, re-loading checkpoints until it’s done ‘right’.

Metal Gear Solid V however has cured me from this and I seem to carry on now regardless of how cack-handedly I try to be the ultimate stealth fox.

I’m unsure why this is the case, maybe it’s because it’s less linear or because the missions are replayable, but when I accidentally erupt from a cardboard box in the middle of a Soviet stronghold, I grab my machine gun and go all guns blazing.
PS: I love DD’s eyepatch; so Kojima.

Almost guaranteed

Well, I’ve done it, for the first time since Street Fighter II on the SNES I’ve pre-ordered a game. Namely Fallout 4 plus the season pass to boot.

I’ve loved the other Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, so I’ve convinced myself it can’t be bad – and I want to play it as soon as possible too.

Also, as a PC gamer I’ve only had to pay £42 for both the game and pass – given how long I think I’ll be playing it that has to be value for money.
alan lovedog

High point

A few years ago Assassin’s Creed II was one of, if not the first, Games For Gold on Xbox 360. I downloaded it, played it a bit and then something shinier came along and I abandoned it. However, I’d like to play a Creed game through to completion one day.

Many people cite Assassin’s Creed II as a series high point and that subsequent sequels have at best never quite reached the heights of that game or at worst been pale imitations. The reasons often seem to be that Renaissance Florence was a joy to explore and that Ezio was a charismatic lead. High up on the list of criticisms of the last few sequels was that the parkour was imprecise, the combat lacks any depth and that these elements need a big overhaul.

My question then is Assassins Creed II still a ‘good’ game? As if the parkour and combat is largely unchanged in the sequels and both are unsatisfying to use shouldn’t it stand that those same mechanics (or worse being earlier versions of them) drag the game down? Are the missions in Creed II somehow more fun to play for some reason and if so why?
Meestah Bull

GC: We haven’t played it in years but certainly the characterisation and environment make a big difference. Also, it’s six years old now. That the newer games haven’t shown any significant improvement, and are in many ways inferior, is shameful.

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Netflix resolution

I have been reading the news lately that Sony is considering doing a 4K version of the PlayStation 4. I feel it is to early to even be thinking of doing this as Sony would be much better off waiting until they release the PlayStation 5, and then including this as a standard feature while ensuring all PlayStation 5 games run at a bare minimum of 1080p at 60 frames per second. This would show those who did not buy the PlayStation 4 what they have missed in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Another thing Sony should consider is the massive price drop of the current 4K technology by the end of the PlayStation 4’s life cycle and then consider adding much more powerful components, which will be cheaper to incorporate into the PlayStation 5 and would give developers much more resources to work with – and would also give the PlayStation 5 much more lastability in terms of hardware specs.

Also, instead of releasing a new PlayStation 4 they could simply have the PlayStation 5 run at 1440p for those who have TVs that are past HD quality and not quite at 4K.

It would be far easier, cheaper and would make more sense to wait for the PlayStation 5 instead of releasing another PlayStation 4 which runs at 4K and annoying the entire current fanbase who already have PlayStation 4s. There would also be a problem running games that are on the PlayStation 4 that don’t run at 4K at all and were designed to run below this.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: Sony has always said that the PlayStation 4 will not have 4K games. The only suggestion to the contrary was from the boss of Netflix in February, when he predicted a new 4K-enabled console this year. Which clearly hasn’t happened.

Inbox also-rans

How’s about a wee review of WRC 5 for the PS Vita? If not, I’ve been playing it for a good few days and could form a reader review. The Vita retail games are few and far between so would be nice to see a review!

GC: If you can do one that’d be great.

Why is it I can’t believe anything Sega says about using any of its old franchises? If it’s not going to sell them to Nintendo then just put up or shut up. In fact don’t say anything until you’re ready to announce a new Panzer Dragoon.

This week’s Hot Topic

It’s Halloween this weekend and as it’s been a while since we’ve run a horror-themed Hot Topic, we’re asking what’s the scariest video game you’ve played – from the past two generations.

To avoid going over old ground you can only name games made for the Xbox 360 era of consoles and the current era (plus PC games from late 2005 onwards). That can include remakes if you really must, but we’re most interested in what you think of recent survival horror games, especially considering the recent mini-renassiance for the genre.

But it doesn’t have to be an actual survival horror game to scare you, so feel free to name any game that’s freighted or freaked you out during the same period. Do you like being scared by games and what future horror titles are you looking forward to, or hope will be made?

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