Things we should not have to pay for in gaming

Each and every month, we spend a fortune on video games. Personally, this November left me with 2-minute noodles as my staple food for weeks.

So why, when it comes to video games, do we find ourselves constantly spending money on things that we should not have to?

Remastered games that we already owned, classic emulated games that we bought 10 years ago and DLC packs that offer nothing more than a different look for a character, it’s painful.

There are most certainly arguments and legitimate reasons to pay for nearly everything I’m about to mention. Worry not; I understand. But there’s no reason I can’t express my feelings on the matter.

PlayStation Plus in general

PlayStation Plus - We won't want to pay for

I’m all for getting cool games every month, but when you pay R99 per month, or R800 per year, these games just do not cut it.

We should expect better from Sony when the Instant Game Collection rolls around every month, pumping out indie games that no one even bothers downloading.

We’re already paying for value-added incentives like online gaming, cloud storage and the Instant Game Collection; meanwhile, until last month we had a mere 1GB of online storage for saves, crappy free games and online functionality that lagged behind the competition.

So when some of the features you pay for are terrible, then it should be cheaper, preferably free.

*Editorial Override*

No. No. No. I’m having none of this, so hold on just one second before we move on.

I’m just going by the image used as well as the phrase “indie games that no one even bothers downloading”.

But are you suggesting that games like Super Time Force Ultra, Teslagrad, Xeodrifter and La-Mulana are “crappy”?

I’ve got a lot to say on this topic, particularly of those complaining about the inclusion of indie games in PlaySation Plus, as though that’s some sort of faux pas, but let me set the record straight.

The automatic assumption that indie, otherwise called downloadable, games are somehow of a lower order than AAA titles is just plain wrong, especially when referring to that particular collection of games, all of which are highly rated and adored by a good portion of the gaming community.

They’re brilliant, imaginative, vibrant and, most importantly, fun. All of that for less than R99 (given that a good portion of that R99 is spent on features other than the free games) is a freaking deal.

In-Game Currency

In-game Currency

Assassin’s Creed Unity had just launched, and before you know, you have to download a patch that enables the in-game currency purchases.

Can we just have a game that doesn’t opt for in-game microtransactions, please.

Not only do they spoil the immersion and overall experience, but even if everything can be earned through play, they force developers to build in ways of impeding or otherwise slowing down natural progress. Otherwise, why would you purchase anything?

Could an economy in a game just work without requiring extra funds to be injected into the scenario? If your game has been made properly, then obtaining funds, credits and upgrade materials should be done in game by playing the game we paid for.

We should not have to fork out hundreds of extra Rands to upgrade a piece armour that we should otherwise stumble onto.

Annual Titles

Annual Titles - FIFA 16

Every year, it’s the same ol’ story; FIFA, Madden, NBA, WWE, NHL and a great many more titles have their yearly updates.

Many promise significant improvements, most of which aren’t noticeable by the average consumer and certainly don’t deserve the price tags they go for.

How about taking the Destiny route? Or take a page from the books of MOBA games.

Develop a more modular, upgradable FIFA, for example, and then make the necessary additions, tweaks and updates necessary to keep the game relevant via content updates.

We don’t expect the updates to be free, but they shouldn’t cost anywhere near the price of a full release.

HD Remasters

HD Remasters

We all want to play classic games on our modern console, but who wants to buy these games again, for price no less?

HD Remasters and HD Collections have been the bane of the industry over the past few years, as we’ve seen more and more publishers re-release their old games at a premium price.

We have even seen collections release with less content than their original, minus the multiplayer for example, and cost around the same or even more for a game that requires a lot less development time and effort. And that has less content to boot.

What additional gaming expenses do you hate paying for? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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