Video game DRM expected to become uncrackable by 2018


Regardless of how bad, or indeed good, piracy actually is for the video games industry, publishers and developers continue to try and thwart it with DRM, mandatory Internet connections, or by genuinely trying to entice legal purchases with collectible extras, be they physical or digital. There has been a major backlash by gamers against the use of DRM, but it looks likely DRM may be getting close to ending game piracy completely.

The end of game piracy? That’s surely never going to happen, is it? According to well-known Chinese cracking forum 3DM it certainly is, and in as little as 2 years. The reason is a new way digital rights management companies are going about protecting games, with the key example being the protection used on Just Cause 3, released December 1st last year.


Just Cause 3 has not been cracked yet. 3DM says the reason for this is the latest version of the Denuvo DRM protecting the game. Denuvo works as anti-tamper tech by using encryption in order to protect any other DRM solutions being used with the game. So to even start cracking the game you need to crack Denuvo.

3DM has cracked an earlier version of Denuvo before, but it took them 9 months to achieve. The latest version, which is being used on Just Cause 3, closes the hole 3DM used to implement their earlier crack. So Just Cause 3 has remained protected for over a month, and FIFA 16 also remains uncracked since September using the same protection.

It is expected that eventually this new version of Denuvo and the games it protects will be cracked, but 3DM forum founder Bird Sister is not very confident about the future. The rate at which encryption systems such as Denuvo are being improved means that within a couple of years it will just be too difficult to crack the protection being used, at least within a workable time period.

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