Blonde girl worried about hair loss

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

In Singapore, like with any country, men and women lose an average of 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. It’s completely normal. There are several reasons why hair falls out: aging, hormones, improper nutrition, and illness. Often, improper hair care and bad habits can worsen the condition and lead to hair loss. You can say that you’re losing hair if it falls out in clumps after you wash it. If this happens, talk with your aesthetic doctor in Singapore …

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man applying moisturizer on his face

The Proper Nighttime Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

On the Internet, you’ll find plenty of resources on what kind of skincare routine you should have, depending on your skin type. While the intention is to always help those with acne-prone skin, the information you read on the Internet does not necessarily mean that the process indicated there is good for your skin. Some may just harm your skin more than help it. For example, the effective REN Night cream is a formulation that evens out skin tone and …

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Top Reasons to Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can mean a number of things, such as avoiding unhealthy food and drinks, eating more greens, and even abstaining from meat from time to time. But what does eating healthy have to offer that exercise and vitamins or supplements don’t? Do they actually have a difference? Normally, they are usually paired together to make sure you are healthy as you can possibly be. But there are differences in eating right and everything else. Eating the right type of food can …

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Bicycle-Related Injuries on the Rise Among Australians

On 10 June 2019, two cyclists and a pedestrian in West Beach, Adelaide were injured when they were hit by a van on Military Road. The cyclists, a 41-year-old man and his 12-year-old son, suffered serious injuries. According to witnesses, tyre marks covered the boy’s body and that he felt intense pain from his legs. His father, who had received an open fracture on his leg, comforted him until emergency responders arrived. Every year, an average of 38 cyclists are …

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Why Asian People Are Doing Surgery on Their Eyelids

Certain aspects in everyday life can easily show the difference between eastern and western civilizations. Asian food has more spices and uses a variety of plant-based ingredients, while Western food focuses more on meat and animal by-products. Western makeup is more dramatic and layered, while Asian makeup trends focus more on “glass-skin” and muted colors. Even the current fashion trends are different in both sides of the world. Even when it comes to genetics, some traits are more evident in …

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woman reacting to tooth sensitivity

Dental Health 101: How to Ease Tooth Sensitivity

If you think that having sensitive teeth is because of poor genetics or plain bad luck, you might need to think again. There’s actually a chance that your sensitivity issues are caused by drinking too many acidic beverages and your very aggressive technique of brushing your teeth. The great news is that before you go running to your emergency dentist in Townsville, there are some tried and true steps that you can take to prevent and alleviate your sensitive teeth. …

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beach volleyball with net

What Time is It? Summertime! Best Sports to Try During the Summer Season

People love trying new things and finding new hobbies, especially during the summer season. One fun thing to try is summertime sports — they are fun, engaging, and could possibly help you develop a skill and fall in love with them full-time! There are a number of summertime sports that you could and enjoy and try. You could always go for intense ones if you intend to challenge yourself a bit more, or relaxing ones to help you enjoy the summer …

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woman suffering from tooth ache

5 Ways to Address Dental Pain

Dental pain is a common thing that many people experience. Dental pain can be distracting to the point that you can no longer do the things that you are supposed to do. It is frustrating, which is why you might want to know how to solve it. These are five ways for you to have less dental pain: 1. Try to have your teeth and gums checked. Almost everyone has experienced that one time when you just suddenly feel a …

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teen feeling sad

Drama or Depression: What Exactly Is Your Teen Feeling?

One thing that parents know all too well about teens is that they have mood swings and raging hormones. For sure, you’ve seen your child lash out on their younger sibling when the latter went through the former’s stuff. Perhaps you found your teen crying in their room and then shouting at you to leave the minute you asked what’s wrong. These emotional outbursts are typical, but they can also be dangerous. Too often, parents are unaware that such mood …

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Podiatry Clinic

Common Surgical Procedures in Podiatry Clinics

Your feet have over thirty-three joints and twenty-six bones, which are arranged in arches and columns to vary in flexibility and stiffness. They are separated into the hind foot, midfoot, and forefoot, which are prone to a range of issues that might be the cause of considerable pain. While some people will try various self-management procedures when faced with foot problems, these are at times ineffective. The best treatment for foot or heel pain lies in podiatry care. Podiatry clinics …

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