Little girl at a dental appointment

Kids, Beverages, and Tooth Decay

Many parents turn to baby bottles with milk or any other fluids in them to help babies sleep. While this tactic is both convenient and effective, there is a dark side to this, which is making your child dependent on the bottle and habit. It can also increase their risk of cavities or baby bottle tooth decay, as the sugar can linger on their teeth and trigger the process of decay. It is important to keep in mind that the …

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girl brushing teeth

More Harm Than Good: 3 Dental Care Habits That Actually Damage Your Teeth

Good dental hygiene makes for good dental health. The opposite is true as well: bad dental hygiene makes for bad dental health. The trouble is, what you think is a ‘good’ habit is sometimes the very thing that could actually damage teeth. These habits are disguised as ‘dental care,’ so beware: 1. Not cleaning bleeding gums If you have sensitive gum tissues, it’s natural to stay away from that region when brushing so as not to further irritate it. But …

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Man touching left cheek with a canker sore

How to Reduce Your Risk and Prevent Canker Sores

Canker sores might be small, but they could lead to painful problems. They may look like shallow sores that can be seen on your gums, and they usually start out as tiny reddish bumps, but they could burst into a yellowish or whitish membrane. Left unaddressed, canker sores could last for two to three weeks, so knowing what’s causing them can help. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear why they develop, so prevention is not always feasible. However, you can follow the …

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Woman sniffing a nasal spray

Differentiating the Common Cold from Bacterial Sinusitis

Colds that persist and show little sign of improvement may be symptomatic of a bacterial sinus infection. A sinus specialist can help determine the type of sinusitis that you or a loved one may have. They can provide appropriate treatment strategies and suggest ways to prevent sinusitis in the future. What is Sinusitis Anyway? Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the sinuses and nose lining and commonly occurs in children. There are two types of sinusitis. A cold, otherwise known …

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