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daughter consoling her upset elder mom

Breaking Bad: Dealing with ‘Weird’ Behaviors of Aging Relatives

Caring for an aging loved one requires a lot of patience. You’re not only up against the grueling routine of feeding, bathing, grooming, and taking medicines, but you also have to deal with the emotional turmoil of seeing behavior changes. Expect to see these strange elderly habits in the long run and learn to cope with them to prevent burnout: Lashing out all the time It’s overwhelming to witness your once-caring-and-loving dad turn into a bitter, always-angry senior who snaps …

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woman crying depressed

A Closer Look at Depression

The world was shocked when Linkin’ Park frontman Chester Bennington suddenly passed away in 2017 due to suicide. The year after that, the music industry took another blow when Swedish DJ, Avicii, also committed suicide. These two musicians might have nothing in common aside from the fact that they passed away so tragically due to suicide at a relatively young age. But, the world then understood the reason behind such tragic fates — mental illness. Bennington and Avicii both suffered …

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teen feeling sad

Drama or Depression: What Exactly Is Your Teen Feeling?

One thing that parents know all too well about teens is that they have mood swings and raging hormones. For sure, you’ve seen your child lash out on their younger sibling when the latter went through the former’s stuff. Perhaps you found your teen crying in their room and then shouting at you to leave the minute you asked what’s wrong. These emotional outbursts are typical, but they can also be dangerous. Too often, parents are unaware that such mood …

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depressed woman in bed

Detecting and Combating the Signs of Adult Depression or Anxiety

With the rising numbers of mental health problems and risks that people face every day, it’s still a surprise that many individuals don’t know how to identify the signs of depression. There are subtle and obvious signs of anxiety in your everyday life. Identifying them is one of the first steps in becoming a better person. Self-image Is Jeopardised Do you look at yourself in the mirror and immediately feel sick and unhappy? Does hearing your name spoken by other …

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Depressed teenager sitting in the corner

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression Treatment and Recovery

It could be hard to tell if your teenage child is suffering from depression. But you have to understand that depression is different from sadness, which is an emotion that people naturally feel at certain points in our lives. Teen depression is more than just sadness or mood swings. It is a serious mental condition that can significantly affect your child’s way of life. While institutions such as the Eva Carlston Academy receive positive reviews about how they help teens …

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Terrified young dental patient

Helping Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dentist

It’s not a mystery why children dread going to the dentist. Put yourself in their shoes. You sit there at the dentist’s chair, clueless about the noises from weird instruments, being poked by metal appliances by a stranger. Every visit to the dentist is a struggle for many parents, with some bribing their kids with candies after the session or just skipping the appointment altogether to avoid the tantrums. But there are healthier ways to approach this problem. Here’s how …

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Man suffering from shoulder pain

Treatment Alternatives for SLAP Tears

The cartilage within your shoulder connected to your shoulder’s socket rim is known as the shoulder labrum. It is essential to keep your shoulder joint in place and maintain your shoulder’s stability. There are various labrum tear kinds which can arise secondary to trauma or simple repetitive shoulder motions like those needed when throwing a ball. In most cases, your labrum wears out with time and becomes frayed increasing its overall risk of tearing even with minimal force. Superior labrum …

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Preparing for the End: A Guide for Loved ones

Like every living being, there would come a time when your loved one will face the reality that death is fast approaching. People who are diagnosed with critical and terminal illnesses have more time to prepare and face such realities than those who pass away due to other circumstances. But, despite having more time, the reality of death is still a truth that is hard to swallow. Thus, for people and families who have a loved one faced with terminal …

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Due Respect: 3 Ways to Maintain a Dying Patient’s Sense of Dignity

Suffering from deteriorating bodies, weakening memory, and fragile emotions, almost all terminally ill patients fear the seemingly inevitable loss of not only their life, but their dignity as well. The root of this dilemma comes from their relationship with their loved ones. How the dying patient sees how family members see them affects their sense of dignity. When they’re reduced to mere patients, someone succumbing to the crippling effects of disease and death, and not a person who has dreams, …

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Stressed out businessman

Starting Again: Purging Oneself of Negative Emotions

The seemingly endless cycle of daily circumstances can bring about fatigue, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Admittedly, doing the same thing over and over can take its toll on many, leaving them wondering if there is anything better in store for the future. Or you may be in the middle of a personal problem that is bearing down on you and your performance at work. Liberate yourself of these troubles with the help of these very practical …

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