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Wisdom Teeth: Understanding Risk Management and Dental Interventions

Third molars or wisdom teeth are the last to grow, and they erupt at the ends of each side of the jawline. Historically, the main function of third molars in the prehistoric ages was for tearing and chewing raw meat. With human evolution, however, we no longer need this adaptation since the emergence of cooking food using fire or heat. As such, many people do not grow third molars at all and do well without them. For some, wisdom teeth …

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Elderly woman with her nurse

Health Care Options for the Elderly

Statistics show that Americans choose to spend their lives in senior homes once they realize that they are aging. However, some older citizens want to stay in their homes and still obtain healthcare services. The recent shift is an attempt to maintain their independence regardless of their advancement in age. These days, aging people have options that fall into two categories: the ones they can receive within their residences and those that they can access outside their homes. Care Inside …

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3 Ways to Achieve Straighter Teeth and a Brighter Smile

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile can make a good and lasting first impression. People find you more attractive when you have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. But those with misaligned and crooked teeth can make you feel less confident to smile and socialize with others; therefore, reducing your chances of getting hired for a job and making new friends. Moreover, having crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease and …

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personal growth

The Road to Personal Growth

There comes a time when everyone wants to change or improve how things are in their lives. That moment doesn’t have to be due to midlife crisis or any other incident. It naturally occurs for many reasons. You may no longer be satisfied with how your life goes on. You may see yourself daydreaming about your goals but you find yourself stuck in a rut. Or you could suddenly realize that you want to see some changes in your life. …

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