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The Presence Portal is a community of like-minded women who believe in the healing power of natural remedies, sustainability, and positive thinking.

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We encourage women to live healthier, think positive, and practice a lifestyle that is filled with love, light, and vibrancy. To do this, we share our reflections, opinions, thoughts, and articles that help women approach wellness of the body, mind, and soul in a natural and holistic manner.

Our in-house writers do extensive research in every topic they write about, and are keen to share their knowledge about natural remedies, homeopathy, alternative medicine, sustainability, among others, with their readers.

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Farmer selling vegetables

How Your Business Can Sell Health

You can choose any sector and start a business even if you don’t personally love that chosen niche. However, when your passion shows through, you will be more invested in

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Volunteer team posing for a photo

8 Reasons to Join a Volunteer Program

With today’s busy lives, getting the time to be a volunteer may be difficult. However, the benefits that come with volunteering are amazing. If you have never been involved in

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happy elderly people
Personal Growth

A Guide to Aging Gracefully

The way you live during your youth has a considerable impact on how your life turns out as you age. Avoiding activities that increase the likelihood of contracting some life-threatening

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Man suffering from shoulder pain
Mental State

Treatment Alternatives for SLAP Tears

The cartilage within your shoulder connected to your shoulder’s socket rim is known as the shoulder labrum. It is essential to keep your shoulder joint in place and maintain your

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ACL treatment
Personal Growth

Treatment for Sports-Related ACL Tears

For athletes, injuries are major issues that prevent them from competing, curb their training regiments, and in some cases, even cost them money. Athletes that experience major injuries, like tearing

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