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We encourage women to live healthier, think positive, and practice a lifestyle that is filled with love, light, and vibrancy. To do this, we share our reflections, opinions, thoughts, and articles that help women approach wellness of the body, mind, and soul in a natural and holistic manner.

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woman having a migraine
Personal Growth

Dental Treatment Options for Migraines

Headaches are a common issue worldwide and affect approximately 50% of all adults. The severity of headaches ranges from mild to extremely debilitating. They are commonly associated with psychological disorders

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Treating Infertility with Herbal Teas

With various developments in the medical world, it has been termed as wise to try natural remedies when dealing with infertility before trying chemical treatments. Among the most popular natural

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Little girl having a dentist appointment
Personal Growth

Indications for Tooth Extraction in Children

A pediatric dentist will do everything to guarantee the health of your child’s teeth and maintain their natural teeth. There are however times when tooth extraction becomes the ideal treatment option

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