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The Presence Portal is a community of like-minded women who believe in the healing power of natural remedies, sustainability, and positive thinking.

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We encourage women to live healthier, think positive, and practice a lifestyle that is filled with love, light, and vibrancy. To do this, we share our reflections, opinions, thoughts, and articles that help women approach wellness of the body, mind, and soul in a natural and holistic manner.

Our in-house writers do extensive research in every topic they write about, and are keen to share their knowledge about natural remedies, homeopathy, alternative medicine, sustainability, among others, with their readers.

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doctor examining xray results

Why Hire Your Own Private Doctor

Today, people are more concerned with their health than ever before. With the realization that good health leads to a good life, many have gone the extra mile and begun

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Mental Health
Mental State

Mental Health and the Value of Therapy

Today, it seems that we cannot go even a few days without hearing of a celebrity speaking about their struggles with mental health, alcoholism, or drug abuse. Although such issues

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Skin checkup
Mental State

How Skin Consultation Works

Every day, we are bombarded with images of what beauty looks like. Most of the time, this involves clear, flawless skin. As a result, we are more concerned than ever

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Mental State

3 Reasons of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

An enjoyable lifestyle with proper exercise and a healthy diet is the key to maintaining an excellent body condition. But sometimes, people are having a hard time achieving a fit

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